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These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2019

Weed in the sky.

With the results of last month’s midterm elections—which marijuana basically won—ten states have now legalized cannabis for adults, while 33 allow medical use. Those victories at the ballot box capped a year in which the fight to reform prohibitionist cannabis policies advanced significantly at the state, federal and international levels. The tally of states that…

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Ontario to sell cannabis online, consult on private retail sales for 2019

Rolling cannabis into a joint

TORONTO — Recreational cannabis will be sold online in Ontario when legalized this fall and in private retail stores across the province early next year, the government announced Monday, reversing the previous administration’s plan to distribute cannabis through publicly owned outlets. The Progressive Conservatives, who took power at the end of June, said public safety…

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California is trying to educate people about marijuana before recreational sales start.

California recreational weed education.

Months before California allows the sale of marijuana for recreational use, the state has launched an education campaign about the drug, including highlighting the potential harms of cannabis for minors and pregnant women. The state is scheduled to issue licenses starting Jan. 2 for growing and selling marijuana for recreational use, expanding a program that…

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