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Thousands of Weed Plants Seized After Raids on Illegal Los Alamos Grow and Shop in Grover Beach: Sheriff

Image of the weed seized in California

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in California says a raid by its cannabis compliance team this week led to seizure of hundreds of thousands of illegal marijuana plants and thousands of pounds of processed marijuana for sale. The office says search warrants were served Thursday on a huge marijuana growing operation in Los Alamos…

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Cannabis Needs Workers, And Record Expungement Is Helping Top Talent Back Get In Business

National Expungement Fair 2018

With cannabis stocks, investment, and legal initiatives rising around the country, the demand for skilled workers is about to soar. This week, a nationwide series of free legal clinics aims to meet that demand, and start repairing past harms, by helping on-the-record cannabis veterans get back in business. During the week of October 20 —…

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Ontario to sell cannabis online, consult on private retail sales for 2019

Rolling cannabis into a joint

TORONTO — Recreational cannabis will be sold online in Ontario when legalized this fall and in private retail stores across the province early next year, the government announced Monday, reversing the previous administration’s plan to distribute cannabis through publicly owned outlets. The Progressive Conservatives, who took power at the end of June, said public safety…

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Why (and How) California Is Destroying Mountains of Weed.

Weed on a purple background.

Call it the California Marijuanapocalypse of 2018. As of January 1, recreation cannabis has been legal in the state. A black market still runs underneath it all (Northern California alone supplies perhaps 75 percent of all marijuana across the United States), but cultivators and distributors are going legit, bringing themselves up to the rigorous testing…

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