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Vape pen cartridge

Vaping. The small, cheap device that’s disrupting the $7 billion legal cannabis business.

By Aroma Dispensary | Aug 7, 2017

A simple, inexpensive piece of tech is upending the burgeoning marijuana industry. Behold: The small, cheap device that’s disrupting the $7 billion legal cannabis business. This tiny combination of plastic, glass, and metal is a disposable cannabis oil cartridge. It costs anywhere from $30 to $70 (depending on the oil inside), is easily carried in…

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Nevada and weed

Nevada governor declares a state of emergency because the state is running out of weed.

By Aroma Dispensary | Jul 11, 2017

Recreational marijuana became legal to purchase in Nevada last week, and as one might expect of the state home to a place colloquially known as “Sin City,” there was a market for the drug. Quite a big market, in fact. So big that the state is already running out of weed, forcing the governor to…

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Weed and fitness

Marijuana keeps you thin, fit and active

By Aroma Dispensary | Jun 26, 2017

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Here’s a new health-related adage to consider: Regular consumption of marijuana keeps you thin and active. According to researchers at Oregon Health and Science University, people who use marijuana more than five times per month have a lower body mass index (BMI) than people who do not…

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John Mealy

Marijuana-friendly Airbnb Room in Portland, Oregon

By Aroma Dispensary | Jun 21, 2017

John Mealy has something rare that lots of people want: a legal place to smoke weed. “People come from all over—Nepal, Romania, Australia,” he says, standing on the porch of his North Portland home. “If they have pot, they can smoke it anywhere in the house they want.” For three years, Mealy has been renting…

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Scholarship money from weed sales

$420,000 in scholarships will be awarded from cannabis-tax funded program.

By Aroma Dispensary | Jun 16, 2017

$420,000 in scholarships will be awarded for the 2017-2018 school year from what is believed to be the world’s first cannabis-tax funded scholarship program. The Pueblo County Commissioners and the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation will award about $2,000 of it to 210 students on June 20. All graduating seniors living in Pueblo County are automatically…

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Weed to treat PTSD

After years-long fight, Colorado approves medical marijuana treatment for PTSD

By Aroma Dispensary | Jun 7, 2017

DENVER – Coloradans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will now be able to treat their conditions with doctor-approved medical marijuana, bringing a close to a years-long fight. Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17 Monday, which will allow physicians, after consultation and a medical background review, to prescribe patients suffering from doctor-diagnosed PTSD with medical…

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Mariijuana in New Mexico

Medical cannabis producer files suit, says Expo NM violated their rights

By Aroma Dispensary | Jun 1, 2017

A prominent medical cannabis producer in New Mexico filed a federal lawsuit against officials with the state agency that oversees the New Mexico State Fair and owns the fairgrounds. In the complaint filed Wednesday, New Mexico Top Organics-Ultra Health accused top staffers with Expo New Mexico along with the chair of the state fair board…

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Treating epilepsy in kids with cannabis.

Cannabis Drug Reduces Seizures in Severe Epilepsy Cases

By Aroma Dispensary | May 26, 2017

A compound taken from marijuana greatly helped some children with a severe and often deadly form of epilepsy and completely stopped seizures in a very few, researchers reported Wednesday. It’s a rare success in a field suffused with more hope than facts — in which advocates clamor to have marijuana and compounds taken from the…

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Canada Cannabis

Canada tests lower age for marijuana legalization

By Aroma Dispensary | May 19, 2017

The most controversial thing about Canada’s move to legalize marijuana nationwide may be setting the minimum age for use at 18 — three years lower than in U.S. states that have embraced legalization — a move that is being closely watched across the continent. Advocates for the measure, expected to pass Parliament next year, say…

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