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Will Trump Divert Funds From Anti-Terrorism To Close Pot Shops? Cannabis CEOs Hope Not

By Aroma Dispensary | Jan 15, 2018

Entrepreneurs in 29 states who have been growing, testing and selling marijuana are now wondering: will President Trump’s Attorney General really divert resources from justice department priorities like stopping terrorism and dismantling gangs, to shut down neighborhood pot shops? These businesses have been operating under the Cole Memorandum which kept the Justice Department from prosecuting…

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Man buys recreational marijuana.

Sessions’ reversal of marijuana policy brings fury from both parties

By Aroma Dispensary | Jan 5, 2018

In rescinding Thursday an Obama-era policy that paved the way for states to legalize marijuana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions triggered a hail of criticism from lawmakers on the left and right who took to the Senate floor, Twitter, Facebook and any other platform they could find to make their fury felt. Sessions’ new policy will…

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Former Federal Prosector buys weed.

Former federal prosecutor buys California’s first legal cannabis

By Aroma Dispensary | Jan 2, 2018

In one of the many surprises from the launch of commercial cannabis sales in California on Jan. 1 was the backstory of the first buyer. A former federal prosecutor turned legal mastermind of the marijuana industry named Henry Wykowski bought the Golden State’s first legal bag of marijuana. Wykowski paid $20.01 cash for a gram…

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Rolling a recreational joint.

Companies Race To Develop Marijuana Breathalyzer

By Aroma Dispensary | Dec 29, 2017

On Jan. 1, 2018 California will be the latest state to have legalized recreational marijuana, but one problem facing regulators is how to test drivers for being under the influence of marijuana. Several companies are racing to develop ways to test if a driver is impaired by marijuana use. With his company Hound Labs, Mike…

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Cannabis Dispensary (MedMen) in Santa Ana, California

California’s Cannabis Conundrum: Legalization Will Lead To Fewer Dispensaries, Not More

By Aroma Dispensary | Dec 19, 2017

With legalization of recreational marijuana just around the corner in California, the state is about to embark on what could be a $5B industry and a boon for tax revenue. But state regulations have created high barriers to entry and many cities and counties have banned cannabis outright. Legalization in California will not mean an…

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California new year recreational marijuana

Recreational cannabis is about to go on sale in California. But it could be hard to find

By Aroma Dispensary | Dec 18, 2017

These are anxious days in the mellow world of marijuana. California is dealing with chaos and comic opera as it prepares to become the latest and largest state to sell recreational cannabis, a cash crop potentially worth billions. Regulators have only recently chosen which companies will be able to sell the drug when adult-use weed…

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You Can Now ‘Snort’ Weed Using This Cannabis Nasal Spray

By Aroma Dispensary | Dec 7, 2017

When listing off drugs you can snort up your nose, marijuana usually doesn’t make the list. But with cannabinoid-spiked nasal sprays, that’s now possible, though it might not be any different than smoking. Homemade cannabis nasal sprays have existed on the fringes of the medical weed market for years now, but a Colorado company recently…

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Canada legalizing recreational marijuana in 2018.

Canada could make billions from recreational marijuana

By Aroma Dispensary | Dec 4, 2017

Canada faces one last hurdle to becoming the first G7 nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Canada’s Cannabis Act was introduced in the Canadian Senate Tuesday, its last legislative stop. The bill enjoys wide public support and the backing of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “I think it is broadly recognized that criminalizing cannabis has been a…

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Marijuana ads at the airpot.

Denver Based Company Launches Cannabis Ads At California Airport

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 3, 2017

Organa Brands, a Denver-based company, premiered an ad campaign this week on branded trays at security checkpoints in Ontario California International Airport, a major airport in Southern California. The campaign by Organa Brands, one of the largest cannabis companies, alerts travelers about California’s recreational marijuana law with fine print not to take pot across state…

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