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Socia Marijuana expected to be approved in Denver, Colroado

Denver to become first U.S. city to legalize social marijuana use

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 16, 2016

A measure that would make Denver the first city in the United States to legalize the use of marijuana in such venues as clubs, bars and restaurants is expected to get enough votes to pass, backers and opponents of the initiative said on Tuesday. The announcement comes amid a string of victories for proponents of…

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Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Legal Marijuana Poses a Problem for Gun Buyers

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 15, 2016

Firearm purchases by drug users are prohibited by federal law; Alaska Republican is taken aback Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s husband and sons ordered her a new Benelli 12-gauge shotgun as a gift, but when the Alaska Republican—and enthusiastic duck hunter—went to pick it up, she was puzzled by a question on the federal background form she…

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Ballots being counted for Initiative 300 in Colorado for Social Marijuana

Lead grows more for Denver’s social marijuana use measure, but 47000 ballots still not counted

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 14, 2016

Initiative 300 would allow businesses to seek pot-use permits if a neighborhood or business group signs off Too many ballots remain uncounted to declare victory for Denver’s social marijuana use ballot measure, but its lead has continued to widen in updated results. As of 7:30 p.m. Friday, 52.7 percent of voters have supported passage of…

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NFL and marijuana use views

Several NFL owners, execs eyeing marijuana discipline changes

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 13, 2016

With public attitudes and laws changing in the United States regarding the use of recreational and medical marijuana, minds are beginning to change in the NFL as well. Based on conversations with 10 NFL team owners and executives over the past few months, marijuana usage could emerge as a key issue when the collective bargaining…

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10 Best Strains To Treat PTSD This Veteran’s Day

10 Best Strains To Treat PTSD This Veteran’s Day

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 11, 2016

Men and women of service are brave, noble, and have risked all that they have in honor of something much larger than themselves. These actions deserve the most sincere gratitude. Yet, all too often, veterans return to an environment that cannot support their needs. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) know first-hand the challenges that…

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Portland Maine legalizes recreational marijuana

Maine voters narrowly endorse legal marijuana, but opponents weigh recount

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 10, 2016

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine will join Massachusetts in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, becoming one of two first eastern states in the country to open its doors to the multimillion-dollar industry. But a close result has raised the possibility that opponents, who have not formally conceded, will seek a recount for the hotly contested…

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California passes law to sell recreational marijuana.

Californians Legalize Marijuana in Vote That Could Echo Nationally

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 9, 2016

California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized marijuana on Tuesday in what advocates said was a reflection of the country’s changing attitude toward the drug. Leading up to the election, recreational marijuana use was legal in four states: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, along with Washington, D.C. With the addition of California, Massachusetts and Nevada, the percentage…

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Nikki Lastreto trims little buds

Big Pot: The commercial takeover of marijuana

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 7, 2016

No government on earth had ever created a for-profit marijuana market – until voters decided to do so in the United States. Now the fall of marijuana prohibition – not yet federally, but state-by-state – may feel inevitable. A record 61 percent of Americans support legal adult use, according to Gallup. That certainly sounds like…

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Cannabis seeds packaged

Marijuana votes put pressure on US government

By Aroma Dispensary | Nov 6, 2016

We are travelling through Denver inside a tour bus with a twist. A disparate group of some two dozen people are relaxing – that is definitely the word – on plush benches which run along the sides of the vehicle. They are not here to gaze at the Rocky Mountains. These tourists have come to…

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