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Will Trump Divert Funds From Anti-Terrorism To Close Pot Shops? Cannabis CEOs Hope Not

Recreational cannabis cookies.

Entrepreneurs in 29 states who have been growing, testing and selling marijuana are now wondering: will President Trump’s Attorney General really divert resources from justice department priorities like stopping terrorism and dismantling gangs, to shut down neighborhood pot shops? These businesses have been operating under the Cole Memorandum which kept the Justice Department from prosecuting…

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Marijuana industry looks to get more women, minorities in the pot business

Marijuana diversity.

Compared with a year ago, times may seem tough for those banking on the legalization of marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has raised “serious questions” about legalization, appears less friendly to the cannabis industry than his predecessor. Even after the District of Columbia permitted recreational use of the drug in 2015, arrests in the…

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Sean Spicer says recreational pot may come under legal fire, igniting backlash from cannabis industry

Recreaional marijuna and money.

The Northwest’s cannabis industry is reeling from comments that White House press secretary Sean Spicer made today, suggesting that the Department of Justice will take action against states where recreational marijuana is legal. Spicer said that the final decision on enforcement will lie with the DOJ, but that he expects the feds to “enforce the…

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Jeff Sessions Offers Cannabis Industry No Reassurance

Jeff Sessios and his views on marijuana

The Attorney General nominee’s answers to questions from senators about marijuana enforcement policy were disconcertingly vague. The legal marijuana industry continues to wait to see what direction President Donald Trump will take with legal marijuana. His position on the issue, based on his past statements, remains unclear. However, his nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions…

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