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Entrepreneurs Help Consumers Enjoy Cannabis Discreetly

Be descreet with marijuana consumption using Sploofy

Consumer exhales cannabis into the Sploofy to avoid odors escaping As marijuana consumption grows with expanding legalization, most users still want to be discreet about their practices. Entrepreneurs are helping these customers keep their cannabis consumption under the radar, and to connect them unobtrusively to retailers and like-minded users. Brian Huynh started his company, Sploofy,…

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Big Pot: The commercial takeover of marijuana

Nikki Lastreto trims little buds

No government on earth had ever created a for-profit marijuana market – until voters decided to do so in the United States. Now the fall of marijuana prohibition – not yet federally, but state-by-state – may feel inevitable. A record 61 percent of Americans support legal adult use, according to Gallup. That certainly sounds like…

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