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Cannabis Stock Index Grew 236% In 2016

Jars of Weed

Marijuana’s ambiguous legal status appears to have little effect on cannabis investment euphoria. Putting money into the marijuana industry has become one of the hot topics for stock market investors. The internet abounds with articles and a rapidly increasing number of advertisements ready to advise people on what marijuana stocks to invest in and how…

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You Probably Don’t Know Enough About Marijuana to Pass This Quiz (or Invest in Pot)

Marijuana quiz

Marijuana legalization has made the marijuana industry incredibly alluring to investors. The marijuana market is expected to surge to $21 billion by 2020, and that’s got many people wondering which marijuana stocks could benefit most. While the marijuana market is undeniably growing quickly, and that’s good news for marijuana stocks, most investors don’t have enough…

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Why pot industry will keep growing under Trump

Man smoking a joint.

President-elect Donald Trump has publicly supported medicinal legalization of cannabis products and indicated support for states’ rights to set their own rules on adult use. Nevertheless, some investors fear that the fast-growing industry could suffer a setback with many of Trump’s closest advisers having voiced opposition to legalization. Some worry that U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions…

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