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Legal Marijuana: With Sessions as Top Cop, Pot Advocates Getting Nervous

Colorado marijuana farm

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was confirmed last Wednesday night by a party-line vote after hours of protest speeches by Senate Democrats. Most of those protests centered on high-profile accusations of racism as well as Sessions’ record of opposing LGBTQ and reproductive rights. But there’s another policy issue that has advocacy groups, businesses, and even law…

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Colorado’s pot paradox: Recreational marijuana is legal, but it’s tough to find a place to consume it

Man walking with a Colorado weed flag.

Surveying the noisy lunchtime crowd at the popular City O’ City restaurant here, owner Daniel Landes considered his options. A few days earlier, Denver voters had approved the use of cannabis in bars, restaurants and other public places, opening for Landes and other business owners a new world of possibilities. There was the comedy club…

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