Laws & Faqs

Aroma Dispensary located in Commerce between Denver International Airport and Downtown Denver
How old do you have to be to purchase marijuana? 21
How much marijuana can you possess? One ounce
Do I have to live in Colorado to buy marijuana? No. Not only do you not have to live here, there is not any registration system.
Is there a limit to how much marijuana I can purchase per visit? Colorado law states that both tourist and residents can buy 28 grams in a single transaction.
Can I buy edibles, concentrates, and edibles at the same time? Yes. As long as the total equals 28 grams or less.
Can I smoke weed in public? No. Even though it is legal to consume marijuana you can get a ticket for doing it openly and publicly.
Can I have marijuana in my car? Yes. Marijuana may be carried in cars but it may not be in an open container and cannot cross state boundaries. It is illegal to use or consume marijuana in a motor vehicle and it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana.
Can I blaze up at Aroma Dispensary? No. On-site consumption is prohibited at marijuana shops. You have to take your leaves (or buds) and leave.
I’m visiting Colorado and purchased my cannabis at Aroma Dispensary. Can I take marijuana with me on a plane when it is time to leave? No. Not only is it illegal to take it out of state, marijuana possession is banned at Denver International Airport.
If I buy marijuana at Aroma Dispensary, can I give some to a friend? Yes, you may give up to one ounce of marijuana to an adult friend (21+), BUT you must receive NOTHING in return. No donations, delivery fees, services, money, or hugs. Nothing.